Genmaicha Tea


Let the nutty flavors of toasted brown rice and fresh green tea wash over your palate for a healthy and tasty treat. Organic certified.

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Genmaicha Tea, also known as genmai cha, popcorn tea, or brown rice tea, is aromatic and rich. The combination of earthy green tea and nutty roasted rice aftertaste will please your palate. Genmaicha tea is a culinary treat, full of nutrition, and perfect for your morning breakfast or to enjoy throughout the day.

A Natural Blend of High-Quality Green Tea and Organic Brown Rice

Just Organic Tea provides high-end organic, loose-leaf Genmaicha tea. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, and this tea comes from organic farms in Shaoxing County, in the Zhengjiang Province of China, to offer tea lovers healthy, delicious tea. Our Genmaicha tea is famous for its beautiful light yellow hue and incredible antioxidant benefits.

Origin of Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha Tea originated in Kyoto, a town located in Japan, during the early 1900s. A local tea merchant wanted to find a way to sell expensive green tea at a cheaper rate, so he started to add brown rice to his green tea blend. Low-income families could now afford to buy tea while receiving the extra minerals and vitamins of the rice blend. The tea was named Genmaicha, which translates to brown rice tea.

Genmaicha Tea became very popular in Japan for poor people to drink because it consisted of roasted rice and nutritious green tea, which could feel as filling as some food products. Throughout the years, it became a worldwide trend. People love it for the nutty flavor it boasts, along with its numerous health benefits.


Just Organic’s premium Genmaicha Tea is created using the following ingredients:

  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Toasted Rice


The steeping process of Genmaicha Tea is straightforward. Follow these steps to brew the perfect cup of tea every time.

  • Heat fresh water to 180° F (82° C)
  • Add one teaspoon of Genmaicha Tea leaves per 8 ounces of water into your infuser
  • Let the tea steep for two minutes
  • Strain the tea leaves
  • Pour into your mug and enjoy your delicious cup of Genmaicha Tea!
  • (Genmaicha tea is usually good for two or three infusions if you want to enjoy another cup)

Health Benefits of Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha Tea is Healthy

Genmaicha tea contains a high range of ascorbic acid and antioxidants that help to strengthen the immune system. These benefits can help fight hypertension, regulate blood pressure, and even assist with glucose maintenance.

Genmaicha Tea is Relaxing

Theanine is naturally occurring in Green tea, which is one of the main ingredients in Genmaicha tea. Theanine helps to assist with relaxation by decreasing stress, anxiety, and other mental impairments.

Genmaicha Tea Boosts the Metabolism

Genmaicha Tea will help boost your metabolism, which means that fat will burn quickly as more calories are consumed. An increased metabolism can assist in weight loss efforts.

Genmaicha Tea Helps to Reduce Signs of Aging

Genmaicha tea contains an antioxidant known as catechin, which can help to prevent extra sugar or fat from absorbing into the body, increasing the good bacteria located in the gut. Proper gut health slows down the effects of aging. Vitamins contained in Genmaicha tea can also prevent spots, sagging, and wrinkles from appearing on the skin.

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