5 Different Kinds of Teas to Try If You Are a Beginner

Many people consider tea to be bitter, but this is usually due to low-quality ingredients and brewing mistakes. To enjoy great tea, you must use high-quality ingredients and brew them properly.

A common misconception is that the tea we drink in tea bags is inferior to loose-leaf tea, but this isn’t true. For those who are interested in getting into the wonderful world of tea, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you learn how to create delicious brews.

1) Fruit Teas

Fruit teas are probably the easiest kind of tea to prepare and a good place to start for beginners. Fruit teas usually contain dried fruit and herbs and don’t rely on a variety of different flavors to mask the bitterness of the tea. Fruit teas are easy to make and can be made in many different forms, including iced.

These are often sweet and fruity, but don’t contain fruit juices. However, you can add a bit of fruit juice (like lemon juice or orange juice) if you want a bit of tartness. These teas are often very inexpensive and are great for people who are trying to reduce their tea costs.

2) Sweet Teas

There are many different kinds of sweet tea, but they typically all involve adding some kind of sweetness to a tea. Many restaurants serve different kinds of sweet teas and make them in a variety of ways. Some sweet teas are made with ingredients like sugar, honey, and cream, while others involve adding fresh fruit.

There are also some more unusual kinds of sweet tea that involve adding frosting. These sweet teas are called funfetti, and are great for people who like unusual flavor combinations.

3) Mint Teas

Mint teas are a delicious and unique kind of tea that is great for people who like the taste of mint. These teas are generally made by drying mint and brewing a strong tea with the dried leaves.

Many people prefer using mint in cold and iced teas because the heat tends to make it a little bitter. Mint teas are great for people who are looking for different flavors and don’t want something too sweet or fruity.

4) Floral Teas

Most people don’t think of floral teas when they think of teas, but these teas are richly colored and fragrant and are often treated as a specialty. These teas are very popular in Japan, where many of them are produced.

These kinds of teas are commonly made with flowers, but they also use other ingredients like fruits, roots, and even safflowers. These tea are very high in caffeine and are great for people who like tea but don’t want to drink coffee.

5) Flavored Teas

Tea is a kind of drink that can be flavored in a variety of ways. These teas can involve either adding natural ingredients to the tea or using artificial ingredients.

Many of these flavored teas involve using a strong black tea, a natural ingredient and an artificial sweetener. You can also add ingredients to create interesting and delicious flavors. For example, you can add lemon juice to make lemon-flavored tea.


If you are looking for a way to get away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks and want to start drinking tea, there are many great options for you. Tea is a kind of drink that has been used for centuries in many different cultures and is used to relax and calm people down.

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