Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon-Ginger Tea at Bedtime

Lemon-ginger tea is one of the most popular herbal teas all over the world, and for good reason. This tea originated from Asia about 5,000 years ago and has always been used as a health tonic. The spiciness of ginger goes perfectly with the tanginess and acidity of the lemon, and everybody loves its taste.

More than its delicious taste, though, it is the health benefits of lemon-ginger tea that make it one of the go-to health concoctions of many.  

Drink lemon-ginger tea and enjoy these health benefits:

Improved Digestion

Lemon-ginger tea enhances digestion. Ginger is a stimulant for the secretion of bile which is essential for the breakdown of fats in our diet. The enzymes in lemon help in the breakdown of these fats.

Ginger also stimulates stomach acid, aiding digestion and increasing the absorption of nutrients in your diet.

Additionally, by stimulating the stomach to secrete more hydrochloric acid, ginger helps relieve indigestion and stomach aches. As a bonus, lemon also makes you feel better by calming down the burning sensation caused by indigestion.

Relieves Menstrual Cramps

By increasing blood flow to your uterus and uterine muscles, ginger helps relieve menstrual cramps. It also helps reduce nausea and vomiting during menstruation.

Reduced Nasal Congestion

Ginger induces sweat which helps clear your lungs and sinuses. Lemon helps clear your sinuses, making lemon-ginger tea the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Relief from Constipation

Lemon-ginger tea can help relieve constipation. By stimulating bile and enhancing digestion, ginger is able to help you have a bowel movement.

Lemons contain citric acid, which helps stimulate the bowels.

This, along with the diuretic effect of lemon juice, makes lemon-ginger tea one of the best natural laxatives.

Lowers Cholesterol

Lemon-ginger tea helps lower cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol from your diet. Antioxidants in lemons help prevent cholesterol from accumulating in your body.

Reduced Inflammation

Lemon-ginger tea helps reduce inflammation in the body and helps reduce muscle soreness as well. The intake of ginger and lemon juice helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness by inhibiting the production of inflammatory mediators.

As a bonus, ginger also helps curb pain.

Improved Relaxation

While lemon and ginger both have a stimulating effect, lemon-ginger tea also contains calming compounds. The B vitamins in ginger help relax your mind, making lemon-ginger tea an excellent drink before bedtime.

As a bonus, lemon also helps relieve stress, making lemon-ginger tea the perfect choice for someone who feels anxious or nervous.

Should You Only Drink Lemon-Ginger Tea Before Bedtime?

Lemon-ginger tea is a great drink that can be enjoyed all day long. By stimulating bile secretion, lemon-ginger tea helps your body digest food better, giving you more energy for the day. The reason it is highly recommended as an after-dinner drink is that it is quite relaxing. It also allows you to enjoy the benefits discussed above as you sleep.


Lemon-ginger tea is the perfect drink for anyone who likes to keep their body healthy. From its ability to improve digestion to reducing cholesterol and more, lemon-ginger tea has a lot to offer. The best part is that it’s easy to prepare and is not expensive at all. 

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