Assam black tea

All About Assam Black Tea: History and Benefits

The full, rich flavor of black tea makes it a beloved morning beverage. As with many types of teas, the caffeine in black tea allows you to wake up, but it also boosts your energy and helps you seize the day with greater vigor. With that in mind, Assam Black Tea rises as a contender against China’s purviews. 

What is Assam Black Tea?

Assam black tea is known for its full-bodied, malty flavor and its distinctive “earthy” taste which is similar to that of a fine cigar. Like all black teas, this particular variety is naturally antioxidant-rich and a by-product of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. 

A Taste of Assam Black Tea’s Origins

Assam black tea is named after the region in India where it is cultivated. The Camellia sinensis leaf that is used to make this tea was taken to India by British colonists in the 19th century. 

These pioneers hoped to cultivate a version that would rival the Chinese black tea being imported into the U.K. and other parts of Europe. After several decades, the British succeeded and Assam black tea became the most popular black tea in the world. 

Today, the British East India Company produces some of the finest Assamese black tea and is coveted across the globe. 

What Makes Assam Black Tea so Delicious?

Tea from Assam has a flavor that is much more complex than that of other varieties of black tea. This is due to the fact that the final product is a mixture of teas grown at different altitudes. This creates a perfect mix of teas that have been oxidized to different degrees. The result? Tea with a rich, hearty taste, notes of chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, and honey.

Making Assam Black Tea

As with most full-bodied teas, Assam black tea tastes best when brewed at high temperatures. The longer it steeps the richer its flavor. In the old days, tea connoisseurs made the perfect brew by grinding the leaves into a fine powder and then infusing it in water at 212 degrees.

Although this is still a great method, most people prefer to make their tea using tea bags. The trick is to steep the bag in boiling water for three to five minutes for the best results. If you would like to boost the flavor, even more, try mixing it with a little sugar or honey.

What are the Benefits of Assam Black Tea?

A natural source of a number of important nutrients, Assam black tea is a healthy beverage. It is chock full of antioxidants and nutrients that are integral to a healthy diet. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3 and minerals such as copper, zinc, and phosphorus.

Tea from Assam is known for its ability to reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and slow the aging process. It also combats skin conditions such as acne.

The health benefits of black tea, in general, are quite remarkable. Each variety of this drink has its own special characteristics and offers different rewards. Because of its ability to lower cholesterol and boost the immune system, this particular variety of tea has been recommended as a way to deal with a number of health issues.

For example, it can help to lower your blood pressure, reduce depression and ease arthritis pain. It can also help you to lose weight by suppressing your appetite.

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Assam Black Tea

A tea drinker can’t go wrong with Assam black tea. It is a wonderfully complex beverage that is rich, dark, and full of everything that you would expect in a black tea. This particular variety comes from the best tea estate in the world and is sure to make any tea drinker happy.

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